Estupro galinha

by mareman2013 1 year ago


by dexdome69 2 years ago

Dam!!! U can rape & fuck my hole till it's raw like u did that chicken. Fill my ass with your massive cum load. Then U can push that huge cock all the way in. Making your seed drip out onto your crouch down your balls. Where i'll suck them clean.

by youngrape 2 years ago

Sehr geil, so kleine Loecher schön hart durch zuficken! Danach sind sie ja immernoch als Broiler zu verkosten ;-)

by Haaasss 2 years ago

Just imagine something the same size as your body getting forced all the way inside and having to feel your insides tear apart as its FORCED in deeper. You were not born with a body able to take that length so its smashing against your heart, lungs and other organs.

Im also sure you are know of vlad the impaler?

by Haaasss 2 years ago

For the person that actually made the video .

You're not able to "stretch out" a chicken.
When you're forcing your way deeper in you're destroying its internal organs and if it doesnt die its slow painful death from internal bleeding or trauma to its innards.
It lives a life in pain.
If your dick size isnt around the size of the egg that the breed lays or if you dont have enough self control not to force your way deeper, you dont need to be fucking any chickens.

by cubandog 3 years ago

This is sick... I agree that is Animal Abuse.

by superb 3 years ago

this is an abuse you sick fuck you see that you are too big and all of blood couse of you and you dont mind


how can u live with your self?