TacosandDrugs dog webcam lick CB

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by Darkest_Desire 2 years ago

You're welcome Zoroaster66, I know the users who you are referring as douchebags ;) I mean what's the point in refusing friends' requests when we're all here because we enjoy the same shit ;) And yes, reposts are annoying. I'm trying the best I can to avoid re-posts. Though this one is a repost, the original vid is more than a year old and was no longer watchable. I'd lie if I said it was easy to find a new copy but i'm glad I found it. Thanks for the support!

by Zoroaster66 2 years ago

Many thanks for this excellent post! And thanks also for accepting my friendship request. Unlike these dipshits and douchebags who only post copies of what other people have already put up, then refuse all requests unless they think they can get exclusive content from some suckers.