Art of Zoo - Wolf Fairytale

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I hope everyone here likes a good fairytale. Especially the kind which involves a big, bad wolf having relations of a very sexual nature with aptly named KinkyPinky. Sorry, Little Red Riding Hood couldn't be contacted to star in this movie. I feel that KinkyPinky has done a mighty fine job of filling the role though, I'm sure you'll agree :D It seems that KinkyPinky is one horny lady with sexy curves and a knack for getting into sticky situations with animals of all kinds. Today it seems that KinkyPinky has stumbled into some stranger's house like Goldilocks from the tale of the three bears and is impudently making herself at home, lying on the sofa and reading one of the owner's books. Flipping through the pages our heroine Pinky finds the book to be full of wolf porn. It's as if the owner knew exactly what tickled Pinky's fancies! The sight of all those handsome wolves lights a fire in Pinky's mind. The only way she knows to put that fire out is by putting her hand to work between her legs. Just like rubbing a magic lamp this seems to have the effect of making her wishes reality, except instead of summoning a genie, a sex-hungry wolf appears to ravish horny Pinky. He makes it clear he wants her down on her knees to which she complies, ready to receive the wolf's wild nature inside her. He hammers it home, burying his big, wild knot deep in her pussy. We can see he has knotted her good as he tries to break free for a short while but the tightness of Pinky's pussy won't let him go until he's been thoroughly milked of his lupine load. His big, furry balls pulse as his cock lets loose inside her, enjoying the domesticated bliss of Pinky's human honeypot. There is a struggle going on between the bulging big knot of the beast and the tight folds of his lady's flesh. The wild force of his nature cannot be contained for much longer. We can see his leg spasming as he lifts it to dismount, pulling his knot from inside Pinky's hole. Having sown his wild oats inside the lady he stands over her, his pointed, swollen cock squirting the last drops of his semen towards her head. The pair relax and rest, nature having taken it's course. Now this is where the fairytale gets dark. It seems the owner's house was a honeytrap all along to lure sexy pet ladies just like KinkyPinky to his abode. While Pinky was asleep recovering from her time with the wolf, the nefarious owner has taken her captive and placed her in his dark dungeon. A dungeon designed for sexual torture, domination and punishment of naughty pet girls. Pinky, having shown just how incredibly naughty she is by fucking the master's wolf, is going to be needing some severe punishment indeed. It seems the master has been busy already, the dungeon already being occupied by fellow captive Vixen. Naturally any house set up to lure pet girls would catch Vixen in very short order :P Vixen is to be made to bear witness to Pinky's punishment today. And the punishment of the day for Pinky is to be placed in the stocks. Or more accurately the pillory. A device designed to render it's victim helpless for the humiliation that is to come. The master produces a swatter which he uses on Pinky's bum to give her a good, sound spanking. Not content with spanking just the one, he tends to Vixen's behind too. Then he brings out his dog. It's time for his new captive to be properly dealt with. The horny lab goes for Vixen's leg intent on breeding it hard but the master insists that Pinky receives a proper seeing to first. His hound is content with any hole – he just wants to sow his seed in as many sexy young ladies as possible. He seems very happy with what his master has brought him and diligently gets to work, eager to please his master and himself. Has he pounds away at Pinky's puss you can hear the wet sounds of their mating as his slick cock and knot penetrate her deeply, leaving her dripping with his k9 sperm. The knot doesn't stay in for long and you can see why when it pops out – it's a whopping big one! Poised at her entrance, the dog's balls and knot pulse and pump his doggy jizz deep inside before he pulls out in a wet plop, his semen running quickly from her. Left with a sopping wet vagina Pinky is subjected to a last flogging from the master before her ordeal for the day is over. The scene cuts to another where Pinky is now trained enough to be let out from the dungeon and play with the dogs inside the house. This time a great black beast of a dog is to claim her as his playmate. Pinky's crotchless jeans are perfect for providing him access to her hungry sex and protecting her from his powerful paws and scratches. He mounts her doggystyle and is quickly buried in her tight little hole. Once those big knots are inside Pinky it is very hard to escape. Not that any sane dog would want to when feeling that heavenly grip! Locked deep within her we see those big black balls of his throb with each squirt, dangling against her. After quite some time he pulls out in a wet splash of cum, having spent every last drop of his k9 love liquid. We can see that he has made great use of Pinky's pussy leaving her soaking wet with swollen, fleshy lips that he cleans dutifully with his long, rasping tongue. You won't want to miss this magical movie from KinkyPinky. This girl sure has a thing for the animals. And they for her. She has already been handled by a boar from what I hear and I am sure there will be plenty more to see of her sexy adventures in future. So show her your support and sink into this fairytale. After all it's not often you get fairytales as wild as this and with a happy ending to boot :D